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Weather Benidorm 07:36h Amanecer | 20:36h Ocaso | 0.6m Altura oleaje | 27.9º Temperatura del agua | 24º Temperatura atmosférica

Iberia Festival 2015 Benidorm

Best Spanish Pop-Rock Festival


Benidorm 2015 Sports events

Every year in Benidorm important sports events take place...


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Sea trek de Diving Stones, la nueva forma de explorar los fondos marinos de Benidorm // Sea Treak a new way to explore the seabed of Benidorm

Son muchas las experiencias que podemos vivir en Benidorm, pero siempre surgen nuevas iniciativas que amplían la oferta y por…


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Benidorm hosts the XXVI edition of the Book Fair

Benidorm hosts at the Hispanidad Square one more year the XXVI edition of the Book Fair that will be open until next September 20th

01 septiembre 2015

370 swimmers will compete in the XIV Open water swimming from the Island to the port of Benidorm, on Sunday

A large security group will watch the course of the two nautical miles of the test

27 agosto 2015

The Iberia Festival is already preparing its 3er edition in Benidorm

The event takes places on the 5th of September and the festival will bring togother legends of the spanish rock

27 agosto 2015

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