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Por amor al arte

Queremos que durante estas vacaciones aprendas un poquito más sobre Benidorm y descubras la parte más cultural de la ciudad, por eso os aconsejamos algunas actividades para pasar una tarde diferente! Para los amantes de la fotografía, hasta el 31 de Agosto podéis ver  a lo largo de las calles de la ciudad, la  exposición […]


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Ricky Martin in Benidorm

The Puerto Rican singer will perform on August 22 at the Estadio Guillermo Amor.

22 agosto 2018

Benidorm British Fancy Dress Party 2018

One of the greatest highlights of the year, and a must for all to take part and dress up. As you can see our visitors have to gone to great efforts to showcase a spectacular day of fun, colour and a tremendous atmosphere.

15 noviembre 2018

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Terra Natura prepares for the ‘Holi’ Festival

The festival is organised to celebrate the 46th birthday of elephant Petita, on August 18

16 agosto 2018

Cinema for all the family arrives at Parque de Foietes

It will take place next Friday, August 17 at 9:00 pm and admission will be free.

13 agosto 2018

Terra Natura Benidorm incorporates three lionesses

The Panthera leo persica is a subspecies in danger of extinction and the relocation is part of the EEP (species reproduction program)

10 agosto 2018

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