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VII Tapas & Pinchos competition Benidorm 2017

Our best tapas from 10th to the 18th of June

Brochure with all the restaurants which are taking part on the V Tapas & Pinchos Competition Benidorm 2017 here: VII Tapas & Pinchos competition Benidorm 2017 .

One of the bests events of Benidorm Gastronomic calendar is the  Tapas Competition in Benidorm.

This year marks its fourth edition in between 10 th of June and until the 18th June, establishments will present their best top quality creations.

‘Benidorm Gastronomy Eventsis    a    crucial   showcase    for our tourist offer and has a relevant  appointment with the  VII Tapas  Competition,  which will be  held  from 4th  to  12th June. An event  that  celebrates an  essencial   part  of  the Spanish gastronomic culture, where  we  can  find  from  the most   traditional   tapa   to   the   most   avant-garde.