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MARVELLOUS “MASCLETA (Explosive Firecrackers)

At Plaza de la Hispanidad from 14:00h

The Local Patron Saint Fiestas of Benidorm are also the fiestas for gunpowder and noise, so ingrained in the region. But ….what does a mascletá sound like? what´s it like to hear and see? Many people have not been fortunate enough to experience this live and directly, so we wanted to transmit this special sensation via this video and these images as these events are so typical  in our region. Turn up the volume  and don´t lose sight or sound of what comes next!

Download the Benidorm Fiestas 2016 Programme here: Benidorm's Patron Saint Festivals

MARVELLOUS “MASCLETA (Explosive Firecrackers)

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10/11/2017 al 15/11/2017