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Excessive swating

Summer special



  • Price: 450.00 €/person
  • Available from: 02-05-2017
  • Available to: 31-08-2017
  • Minimum: 1 | Maximum100 people


sweating treatment price

People suffering from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating are faced with the summer heat that further worsens their problem. This excessive sweating is manifested especially in armpits, face, palms of the hands or feet.

Now you can say goodbye to this problem in just 10 minutes, with a this treatment to eliminate an excessive sweating using botulinum toxin (Botox).


Remove sweat in armpits, hands and face

Sweating is something natural and necessary to regulate body temperature. But about 2% of the population suffers problems of an excessive sweating  due to a malfunction of the sweat glands.

This unpredictable and uncontrollable excess sweating creates insecurity in the person who suffers, making difficult in relating to others.

The treatment to eliminate the excessive sweat through Botox is very easy and fast, without discomfort for the patient. Its effects last about 12 months, depending on each person.