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Facial resaping & Contouring

Defines the shape of our face



  • Price: 490.00 €/person
  • Available from: 02-05-2017
  • Available to: 31-08-2017
  • Minimum: 1 | Maximum100 people


facial contouring priceThe facial contouring, which defines the shape of our face, is losing its shape over time. Wrinkles, nasogenian folds and puppet lines (from the end of the nose to the mouth), tumbling of cheeks and lack of shine on the skin are signs that begin to appear.

There are certain facial treatments that help to tighten these areas without going through the operating room, being able to remodel the shape of the facial contouring easily and without discomfort for the patient.

ilahy has designed a programme of 8 sessions, 4 per treatment, where we will redefine the lines that delimit and define the face, including:

  • 4 sessions of carboxitherapy,
  • 4 sessions of the new medical radiofrequency DERMOLIFT PLASTY DUAL.


Do not hesitate to ask ilahy aesthetic medicine specialists about this and other facial rejuvenation treatments. Remember that the first consultation is free and without obligation. Ask us.