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UltraLift Facial Rejuvenation

Correct wrinkles and folds in the face



  • Price: 290.00 €/person
  • Available from: 02-05-2017
  • Available to: 31-08-2017
  • Minimum: 1 | Maximum100 people


Ellanse dermal fillers priceDiscover this new facial rejuvenation treatment to correct wrinkles and folds in the face and improve the firmness of the skin. Thanks to Ellansé dermal fillers that are revolutionizing facial treatments.

What is Ellansé?

Ellansé is a bioreabsorbable dermal filler with immediate effect that reverses the aging process of the skin thanks to its enormous capacity to stimulate the collagen naturally.

In a 100% natural way, without changing the expression of the face, Ellansé rejuvenates the area in which it is applied: face, neck and even hands.

  • Corrects wrinkles and folds,
  • Improves firmness,
  • Voluminizes and elevates depressed areas,
  • Regenerates intensely stimulating collagen.

Its application, with a microneedle, is usually done during 1 session of 60 minutes.

Advantages of Ellansé dermal fillers

One of the great advantages of Ellansé is the immediate results, typical of the filler effect, and the last-term results, between 2 to 4 years due to its stimulating effect.

The aesthetic centers ilahy offer customized facial rejuvenation treatments for your skin. Remember that the first consultation is free and without obligation, where our specialists in rejuvenating medicine will advise you on the best treatments for your skin type. Ask us.