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Nose Reshape

Shape your nose without surgery



  • Price: 350.00 €/person
  • Available from: 02-05-2017
  • Available to: 31-08-2017
  • Minimum: 1 | Maximum100 people


nose job without surgery priceNon-surgical Rhinoplasty is an effective, convenient and risk-free technique to model your nose without undergoing surgery . A nose job can be solved  without surgery in 85% of cases. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid fillers, also used in aesthetic medicine to fill wrinkles and facial folds,  it is possible to correct some imperfections in the nose, such as:

  • Get volume or enlarging the nose,
  • Correct minor malformations in the nose,
  • Remove the easel from the nose,
  • Define the tip of the nose.

You can get this treatment at a price of 350 €. The ilahy centers are integrated into the IMED Hospitals, with all the advantages this means for your health and safety.  The first medical consultation is free, so you can resolve any doubt. Consult us without obligation.