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Benidorm implements the first large 'smart wifi' network of the beaches in the Peninsula

- More than two million people will be connected every year, according to the forecast of the company Wiongo - Thirty points will cover the beaches of Levante, Poniente and old town - The service has no cost for City Hall and Visit Benidorm

Benidorm implements the first large 'smart wifi' network of the beaches in the Peninsula

Benidorm has started the implementation of the first large 'smart wifi' network in beaches of the Peninsula with the company Wiongo. In fact, this service of free wifi is already available in all the extension of the beach of Levante and in the Castle, and before the 20th of April it will be also in the Poniente Beach and in all the old town.

The effort and work" done by the City Council, Visit Benidorm and Wiongo in the last nine months to develop this project, which has a duration of four years

This 'smart wifi' network is a very important step in the digital transformation of Benidorm towards which tourism is moving and in which the mediterranean coastal resort wants to be a leader, becoming the first Smart Tourist Destination.

This Wi-Fi network is composed of 30 connection points installed in the street furniture and is capable of simultaneously serving "20,000 users".

The sessions last 30 minutes "for security" and "to avoid abuses by automatisms". After this time, users can reconnect to the network. The connection is made "without barriers" and ‘’anonymous data.

All the information collected, will be processed by Visit Benidorm. it will be possible to "plan tourism and management strategies in areas such as security or mobility", since the connectivity map will allow us to know the flow and concentration of people at different points of the city and also their preferences.