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I Benidorm Gourmet

12th to the 20th of May

Download the official brochure with all the delicious menus of the participating restaurants in this "I Benidorm Gourmet"

The different days hosted by "Benidorm Gastronomy" are showing in recent years the excellent work that is being done in dozens of restaurants in the city.

From the 12th to the 20th of May, Benidorm hosts a new gastronomic event in 2018: the first edition of Benidorm Gourmet that ABRECA celebrates.

This is a proposal of maximum quality and sostication and show to visitors and residents about the innovation and gastronomic creativity of restaurants in the city that will use gourmet products.

Benidorm Gourmet will have complementary activities that will take place in some participating restaurants, you can check the information here and let yourself be surprised

The haute cuisine also has its place in Benidorm and these 'Benidorm Gourmet Days' seek to record this, do not miss it!