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» Scuba Diving
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Scuba Diving is no longer a difficult and dangerous activity. It is easy, safe, relaxing and affordable for all, especially in Mediterranean waters. The seabed of Benidorm are characterized by luminous golden sands, lush seagrass meadows and the island with its caves form a varied landscape that provides a multitude of species that live in this water.

Discover the many possibilities offered by the sea in Benidorm, both diving and snorkeling routes waiting to be discovered in a unique place. It only remains to choose which and come to enjoy some of the proposals that can be found below:

Download the 3 routes in one brochure

» La Llosa Route

Diving Route in the Island of Benidorm #1

» Punta Garbí Route

Diving Route in the Island of Benidorm #2

» Los Arcos Route

Diving Route in the Island of Benidorm #3

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