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Terra Natura Benidorm incorporates three lionesses

The Panthera leo persica is a subspecies in danger of extinction and the relocation is part of the EEP (species reproduction program)

Terra Natura Benidorm incorporates three lionesses

The park has welcomed three lionesses from the subspecies 'Panthera leo persica' with the aim of living with Bala, an Asian lion that has lived in the park for the past 11 years. This action is part of the species reproduction program (EEP) of EAZA (Association of European Zoos).

The lionesses, called Anala, Kesari and Ramallah are two years old and they have perfectly adapted to their new environment. The Asian lion lives in family groups consisting of one male, several females and their offspring.

The Asian lion is the only subspecies of lion that lives in the Asian continent; they are smaller than African lions, have a darker coat and shorter manes. Females average of life is of 17-18 years while males live about 16 years.