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El tiempo en Benidorm 21º Intervalos nubosos

X Edition of Paella Days Benidorm

The X edition of Paella days returns to Benidorm from 15 to 24 October. Discover one of the greatest culinary traditions of the region.

Hung Galaxy in Benidorm

The works of art of this exhibition will be shared around Benidorm.


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Digital Nomads

Live & Work by the sea

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X Jornada de los Arroces de la Tierra // 10th edition of the Benidorm Paella Days

Bienvenidos a la “X Jornada de los Arroces de la Tierra” de Benidorm, del 15 al 24 de octubre la gastronomía autóctona será protagonista. La X Jornada de los Arroces de la Tierra es una de nuestras citas gastronómicas más deliciosas e importantes y vuelve a la ciudad con una nueva edición a partir del […]


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X Benidorm Paella Days

Enjoy from 15th to 24th October of the X Benidorm Paella Days one of the culinary jewels of the Mediterranean cuisine, its rice dishes with all their variants.

16 octubre 2021

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La Cava Aragonesa and La Tabernita del Centro win the first prizes in the 11th edition of the Tapas and Pinchos Competition.

A professional jury and the public who tasted the specialities appreciated their quality and originality

14 octubre 2021

The 10th Benidorm Paella Days Festival closes the 'Gastronomic Benidorm' of 2021

16 establishments from the city will offer their best rice dishes from the 15th to the 24th of this month at 23 euros per diner.

14 octubre 2021

Scientific baptism of the Tossal de la Cala: the global study of the site is published in AESPA's journal

The article compiles and interprets all the information obtained in the successive excavations of the Roman fort, focusing on the architectural aspects.

13 octubre 2021

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