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El tiempo en Benidorm 15º Nubes altas

Holidays in Benidorm: safe activities for everyone

Benidorm is the best place to come on holiday no matter the time of year. For those who are lucky enough to spend some time here, we’ve compiled loads of activities for you to do in the city so you’ve got from where to choose from! ROUTES TO DO AROUND BENIDORM Route of the #BenidormAwaitsYou […]


Benidorm: restaurant recommendations and hotels in Benidorm

Benidorm all year around

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Benidorm begins to improve the image, accessibility and safety of La Cruz

The installation of a 442 metre safety railing starts on Monday 12th of April

12 abril 2021

'Hung Galaxy' by the Taiwanese artist Hung Yi arrives to Benidorm

The works of art of this exhibition will be shared around Benidorm, in the Plaza de la Hispanidad, Gambo Street, Mediterranean Avenue, and the Plaza de sus Majestades los Reyes de España.

12 abril 2021

The 5th Regatta of SUMA League will be held this Sunday in Benidorm

The VII 'Mare de Déu' Trophy will be held with all the safety and prevention measures against COVID-19.

09 abril 2021

31+1 works of art to erradicate gender violence

After their exhibition in Benidorm, the works of art will be available to all those schools in the province of Alicante who wish to display them too

25 marzo 2021

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