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Moors and Christians Fiesta

One of our most traditional Fiestas

Click HERE for the Programme of Moors & Christians Benidorm 2023

Benidorm is a town where the  fiestas have  acquired a special significance and the numerous celebrations taking place throughout the year are a major attraction for those who visit us. In early October, Benidorm lives its Moors and Christians Fiestas.

Moors and Christians Fiesta Benidorm

The Moors and Christians have become one of the most widespread celebrated fiestas in the provinces of Alicante and Valencia and offers greater visual appeal, as it combines peculiar elements of the character of the people , as well as  a taste for farce, fancy dress  or special clothing, music and fireworks. The root of the struggle between both followers of the cross and the crescent moon goes back to the Battle of Lepanto, when its representation transcended into the streets and squares.

Moors and Christians Fiesta Benidorm

That event became local history, becoming the protagonist of victory or "miracle" the patron saint. In the interior regions, the conversion of the Moors is the key argument, while in the south, radiating Alcoi, the battle recalls a part from the Reconquest or defense against invading Berber, although St George is really to who the fiesta is dedicated to.

There is a great participation in the parades, the struggle for perfect characterised costumes, relentless drums and bagpipes marching and the squandering  of gunpowder contribute to the most representative events of this festival so ingrained in the Spanish Levante region