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Sierra Helada Route from Albir

A big Challenge

Route 2: Crossing the Serra Gelada
Length of route: 12,8 km (one way)
Duration: 4h to 4h 30 min
Maximum height: 438 m
Accessibility: suitable only for Hiking
Difficulty: Moderate-high.

Due to being quite a moderately strenuous route it is suggested you take plenty of drinking water with you. The route in some areas is steep up and down..

We start our tour from the recreational area (1) of the Albir, on Route 1 (red), with a steady climb in zigzag that starts with a stone step path to reach the access road to telecommunication station (3), passing next to an old quarry (2).

"Alt del Governador" At the end of this path we will reach the highest point of the Serra Gelada (438 m), where a telecommunications station is located. Continuing down a paved road will link back to the path (4).

Near the edge of the cliff is a trig point (5), where we can contemplate the magnificent cuts of the cliff, and view specimens of the  yellow-legged gull flying several hundred feet below our feet.. "L'Illa Mitjana" The route through the Sierra continues with continuous ups and downs, passing the ruins of an old coast guard house (6) and a small well in the valley (7).

Halfway we find an area where there is a small area of pines where we can relax for a few  moments (8), offering a beautiful view of the "Illa Mitjana."

The Cross The last stretch of mountain route passes through a high area where we can contemplate again the view of the  cliffs (9). From this milestone we must be careful to keep to the path that passes through low vegetation or on bare rock. A few minutes later you come to a cross (10) located above the Raco de l'Oix, where there is a tarmac track (11) which connects to the itinerary 3 (blue).