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Fares & Bus Passes

Benidorm´s Urban Transport


The available and valid titles in the services of the company Llorente Bus are the following ones. For personalized title “Tarjeta Azul” consult terms and condition at your local town hall.


Single ticket

Title for not habitual use of the public transport.

• DAY TIMES. Sold between 6.00 and 23.59
• NIGHT TIMES. Sold between 0:00 and 5:59. 
• SPECIAL. For the special services (lines 30 and 31) and for those users travelling without a valid transport title and want to continue the journey.

TarjetaBusBus Card

Card for habitual users with frequent use. It’s not a personalized card. It’s a purse card available to purchase and top up on buses. In each trip the fare of application is deducted from the pre-paid amount. It allows the user within a period of 45m. from initial validation, transfers to other lines at an even lower price.

Tourist cards of 24 hours and 72 hours

Cards of personal use for tourist purposes valid for 24 or 72h counting from initial activation. WITHOUT limit of trips or destinations, including the sightseeing panoramic double-decker bus (lines 30 and 31), the trip to Waterfalls/Fountains of the Algar (bus line 18) and the trip to Guadalest (bus line 16). Available to buy it in lines 16, 18, 30 or 31.

Eco Card

Card of personal use for habitual users with intensive use. Valid for periods of 30 days counting from first use without limit of trips, lines or destinations. It is rechargeable for successive periods of 30 days.


Tarjeta Oro - Gold Card

Card destined for diverse groups: 65 year old people or over with Document of National Identity (DNI) in effect, members of large families with official title in effect as well as to people with recognized disability and other groups depending on each municipality.

It’s a purse card of personal and not transferable use with similar functioning to the Tarjeta Bus but with more reduced prices (card needs to be loaded up/top up/recharged on buses before use). 
The conditions of application and use are established by the State (Government of España, Autonomous government of the Comunidad Valenciana, or corresponding town hall).

Tarjeta Azul - Blue Card

Card destined for students and/or youngsters people depending on the municipality. Conditions of access and use are established by the titular town hall.


• On the buses in case of simple ticket and Bus Card (BonoBús).
• In the town halls in case of Gold Card, Blue Card (Bono Escolar or Bond <18).
• Benidorm Card 1 Day or 3 Days, only in the bus lines 20 and/or 30.

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