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FuzzVille Festival 2020 Benidorm (cancel)

From 27 to 29 March

Fuzzville! #6 lands once again in Benidorm, at the Magic Robin Hood resort, the punk rock and garage resort on the weekend of March 27-29 and starts warming up with the first names of the rows of this sixth edition:

The Black Lips (USA), Thee Hypnotics (UK), The Dwarves (USA), Prettiest Eyes (USA), Man or Astro-Man? (USA), Discípulos de Dionisos (España), The Maharajas (Suecia), The Hangmen (USA), The Courettes (Brasil/ Dinamarca), Rolando Bruno (Argentina), La Trinidad (España), Rata Negra (España), Familia Caamagno (España), Gogo Loco (UK), The Midnight Kings (USA/Italia), Jineta y los Apocalípticos (España)… ¡and more!

Fuzzville!!! one more year is delivered to a wide range of sounds ranging from punk rock to post punk through the garage, psychedelia and endless other sounds from outer space.

All this distributed in its three stages among the majestic facilities of the medieval resort Magic Robin Hood that go from the Castle Lady Marian to the swimming pool of the resort governed by enormous aquatic dragons where they are served to good rhythm the already established "Pool Parties" morning so that the musical hyperactivity of these three days and two nights does not decay.