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VIII Edition Paella Days of Benidorm

19th to 27th October

Click here to see the programme of the 8th Edition of Paella Days of Benidorm

From 19th to 27th October 2019 in Benidorm.

We finish the events of "Benidorm Gastronomy 2019" with the fourth edition of the Rice Dish Days of Benidorm, the fifth event of its kind, from the ristoration industrywith the support ofthe Department of Tourism have filled all year with the best cuisine that is done in the town and havebeen a great showcase for the promotion of Benidorm.

From 19th to 27th Octobera large group of restaurants put on their tables the infinite varieties ofa dish that is the summit of our kitchen, so that the rice stewsmellow and dry, inspired by ingredientsfrom the gardenthe poultry or sea, are the heads of a few days in which our restaurants and our professionals will again be protagonists.

With the "fouth Editions of Rice Dish Days of Benidorm" we close the annual cycle dedicated to enhancing our cuisine as one of the great tourist attractions of Benidorm. A cuisine that every day isbetter known and more competitive thanks to the efforts deployed by hundreds of local entrepreneurs who have made our identity restoration.

Menu 20€