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Cultural Agenda March-April 2020

Enjoy a few months full of culture




  • 15/03/20 at 18:00 (Sunday) Concert 280 Aniversari Trobada Mare de Déu del Sofratge. Musical Union. C/ Gambo
  • 03/21/20 at 20:00 (Saturday) Rondalla Concert. ACR La Barqueta. Church of San Jaime
  • 21/03/20 at 19:00 (Saturday) Concert Aniversari. Societat Musical La Nova. XXV Campanya Música als Pobles. Auditorium. Town Hall
  • 22/03/20 at 12:00 (Sunday) Spring Concert. L'Illa Musical Society. Town Hall Assembly Hall
  • 27/03/20 at 20:00 (Friday) VIII International Organ Festival. Brice Montagnouxy and Eva Villegas. Organ and Clarinet. Church of San Jaime
  • 28/03/20 at 20:30 (Saturday) Requiem by Mozart. Orchestra of San Juan and Orfeón Cantábile. Church of San Jaime
  • 03/29/20 at 20:00 (Sunday) Sacred Music. UMB Choir. Church of San Jaime
  • 02/04/20 at 19:00 (Thursday) La Mancha Folklore CD presentation. Tramontana Association. Assembly hall. City council
  • 03/04/20 at 20:00 (Friday) Sacred Music. Choral group Benidorm. Church of San Jaime
  • 04/04/20 at 20:00 (Saturday) Sacred Music. Choral group Benidorm. Church of Carmen
  • 05/04/20 at 20:00 (Sunday) Sacred Music. Camerata Ars Cántica. Church of San Jaime
  • 19/04/20 at 10:00 (Sunday) To the beat of the animals. Musical Union Youth Band and Urban Dance School. Foietes Park. CHARITY CONCERT
  • 24/04/20 at 20:00 (Friday) VIII International Organ Festival. Alberto Mammarella. Church of San Jaime




  • 30/03/20 at 19:00 (Monday) Poetic Musical Recital XVII Poetic Lyceum Anniversary of Benidorm. Auditorium. Town Hall




  • 04/04/20 at 21:00 (Saturday) The Passion of Christ Jerusalem Cultural Group from Elche. Church of San Jaime




  • 26,27 and 28/03/20. 18:30-20:30 Projection of short film finalists. CAM Foundation Classroom. C/Alameda
  • 29/03/20 at 12:00 (Sunday) Closing and Award Ceremony. Auditorium. Town Hall. More information here



  • 23/04/20 at 12:00 (Thursday) Public Reading "The ingenious hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha" by M. de Cervantes. L'Hort de Colón
  • 23/04/20 at 20:00 (Thursday) Amateur Theatre Series. The forced marriage of Molière. Tossal Theatre. Auditorium. Town Hall




  • 10/03/20-20/03/20 Photo contest #SomFMP2019 #BenidormEsCultura. Espai d'art. Town Hall
  • 02/03/20-17/03/20 XVIII School Drawing and Painting Contest "La Barqueta". Fester's House
  • 18/03/20-28/03/20 Trobada Mare de Déu del Sofratge. ACR "La Barqueta" C/Tomás Ortuño
  • 21/03/20-19/04/20 Skyline haciendo películas. Museo Boca del Calvari
  • 01/04/20-24/04/20 Places. FRAX Foundation Collection. Espai d'Art. City Hall