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Carta del Poblament

Celebration of "L'atorgament de la carta de poblament" to Benidorm

From 8th until 11th of May the acts of the "L'atorgament de la carta de poblament" will take place in Benidorm. During these four days there will be different cultural activities such as theatral performances, puppet shows or musical events in the House of Fester Auditorium and the Town Hall.

Among them, do not miss the representation of "L'atorgament de la carta de poblament" to Benidorm which will take place on Saturday 11th at 21:00 h by the Association of Penyes Verge del Sofratge i Carta de Poblament in the Plaza de San Jaime.

Carta del Poblament

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08/05/2019 al 11/05/2019