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Benidorm Expone' has launched its third edition in the photography

'Life is a dream'

Benidorm Expone' has launched its third edition in the photography

"Benidorm Expone" has launched its third edition in the photography modality that starts in the Espai d'Art Urbà of El Carrasco and is located in different streets of the town.

This outdoor exhibition has the name 'Life is a dream', is made up of 43 photographs of six prominent artists of different nationalities, and will remain on display until 31 August.

This is the third edition of 'Benidorm Expone', a route through different spaces that welcomes the dreams of different authors. The different cultural activities help to raise awareness and create art spaces open to the world in a large showcase that is our city.

The central theme of the exhibition 'Life is a dream' is based on the different ways of conceiving and understanding this theme by artists and focuses on the genre of portraiture.

The artists taking part in this exhibition are Andreas Karyofilis, who is exhibiting in the Espai d'Art Urbà; Eugenio Recuenco, in the Town Hall gardens; Vicente Albero, in Puente Street; Evija Laivina, in Dr. Pérez Llorca Street; Silvia Grav, in El Torrejó; and finally, Miguel Vallinas, in the Boca del Calvari Museum.

Enjoy all the works of the artists and photography taking a walk through the town of Benidorm.