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"Los ángeles se funden en la materia"

An exhibition to commemorate Benidorm Pride

"Los ángeles se funden en la materia"

Because of the Benidorm Pride Festival ninth edition celebration, the councils of Equality and Culture, with the collaboration of the LGTBI Association of the Marina Baixa, has scheduled the exhibition 'Los ángeles se funden en la materia' of the Argentine artist based in Benidorm, Rubén Agustín Brandani, in the Espai d'Art del Ayuntamiento.

The exhibited works have been made over 20 years, and with various techniques such as pencil, felt-tip pen or watercolor and will remain on display until 23 September.

The works by their author reflect their personality and force those who contemplate them to reflect.

We recommend you to visit the Espai d'Art of the Town Hall to enjoy his works.