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Benidorm city of Science and Innovation 2018

Benidorm has received this Thursday the distinction of City of Science and Innovation 2018.

Benidorm city of Science and Innovation 2018

Benidorm receives the distinction City of Science and Innovation 2018 in recognition of the approach as a tourist city that seeks solutions for accessibility, cohesion of spaces and tries to open up to the natural environment. As well as for the ambitious project underway for the Integral Water Cycle.

The City of Science and Innovation award is given annually to cities that stand out for supporting innovation in their territories, defining policies and strengthening local structures, institutions and companies with a strong scientific, technological and innovative component. The Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities in office, Pedro Duque, will be in charge of awarding the distinctions.

The distinction fits perfectly in the spirit that led Benidorm to be the first certified Intelligent Tourism Destination in the world where following the objectives of Sustainable Development and the World Tourism Organization, technology, sustainability, accessibility, innovation and governance and, as a transversal axis, research, allow Benidorm to add a new recognition.

The distinction, awarded after the qualification of a technical jury, recognizes the leading cities that have suported investments in infrastructure that have encouraged economic sustainability and, consequently, have improved the pattern of growth based on knowledge and innovation.

The Auditorium and Conference Centre of Castellón has been chosen as the venue for the awards ceremony for this call, which especially recognises the innovative potential of town councils by valuing innovative initiatives in the provision of public services, electronic government, free access to information and the actions of Public Procurement of Innovation.

The distinction has three categories, depending on the number of inhabitants of the municipality. Ames, Benidorm, Eibar, Onda and Paterna will receive the award in the category of municipalities from 20,001 to 100,000 inhabitants. Barcelona, Castellón and Vigo have been awarded in the category of towns with more than 100,000 inhabitants.