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31+1 works of art to erradicate gender violence

After their exhibition in Benidorm, the works of art will be available to all those schools in the province of Alicante who wish to display them too

31+1 works of art to erradicate gender violence

Since yesterday, the exhibition of the campaign towards the elimination of violence against women has been open to the public. This exhibition gathers, for the fourth year in a row, the works of art of the art students at the Pere Maria Orts i Bosch High School.

There are 31 works of art plus 1 poster in the exhibition, and each year there are more and more students who participate, and the artworks presented each year exceed the level of the ones presented the previous year.

Apart from being displayed in Benidorm's Town Hall, the artworks will be lent to all the schools from the province of Alicante that are interested in displaying them in their own facilities, so that they also can continue to carry out the awareness-raising work amongst the educational community.

Last but not least, some of the works of art will be installed in backlit street billboards throughout different neighborhoods in Benidorm, so that everyone can get the chance to see them.