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Aqua Natura water park opening

Benidorm's Aqua Natua water park starts off the summer season on the 4th of June 2021

Aqua Natura's summer season starts on the 4th of June at 10:30 am, and is open until 6:30 pm for now, and will be closing at 7:30 pm later on in the summer.

It's the perfect water park for families, which has many different slides, swimming pools for adults and/or children, educational demonstrations, a mermaid and merman school, and a VIP area.

More info here.

Aqua Natura water park opening

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04/06/2021 al 06/06/2021, 11/06/2021 al 13/06/2021, 18/06/2021 al 31/10/2021




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