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'Cabo Verde Muses' exhibition at Casa del Fester in Benidorm

The exhibition shows many black and white pictures from Africa's first pride march

'Cabo Verde Muses' exhibition at Casa del Fester in Benidorm

Because of the celebrations this month due to the International LGBT Pride Day on the 28th of June, Benidorm has organised the exhibition of 'Cabo Verde Muses' by the German photographer Juliette Brinkmann. You can find this display in the Casa del Fester ‘Diego Cano Enguera’ from the 1st to the 30th of June.

The exposition is divided in three sections: 'Cabo Verde Pride', 'Everyday life' and 'Cabo Verde Muses', and is composed by 20 black and white pictures where you can see some of the faces that participated in the first African Pride March, back in 2013 in Cabo Verde, with the aim to create awarness towards LGTB rights.

Brinkmann was shaped in Berlin's art movement in the 90s, and has been working for over a decade in Mindelo in São Vicente island, the second most important city in Cabo Verde. Since 2012, her artworks have focused on capturing the country's LGBTI reality.