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Reading group "La habitación propia"

02 enero 2017 - 28 agosto 2017

Memories: "Lillian Hellman. Una dama del teatro" Epistolary literature: "Relaciones interpersonales" C/ Olivos, 11. Jelena Social Center

Benidorm Poetic High School

02 marzo 2017 - 29 junio 2017

Poetry reading and workshops 'Casa del Fester Diego Cano Enguera'. C/ La Biga, 3


Benidorm Margic Circus

25 marzo 2017 - 30 diciembre 2017

'Chapeau' Magic Show.Free parking. Telephone number 96.581.16.61

Bonfire San Juan

23 junio 2017 - 24 junio 2017

If the tradition of this festival marks the burning of ancient objects, the proximity of the city of Alicante has led to other more refined customs. As in March, effigies are built to be destroyed by fire in a symbolism that gives meaning to the fest

Benidorm Salsa Congress

06 julio 2017 - 16 julio 2017

An event that offers an amazing selection renown artists that will delight us with their best shows and workshops, with the music selections of some of the most popular DJs, pool parties, after hours, several dance floor, sun, beach and pools.

Benidorm BKC Congress ((Bachata, Kizomba and Cubano)

06 julio 2017 - 12 julio 2017

A congress with the best bachata and kizomba artists and instructors, of national and international reputation, with workshops, parties, several dance floors, after hours and leisure activities in the pool.

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