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Benidorm Circus

Starts every Saturday at 6 pm ..

The circus tradition inherited from China, Egypt and Greece reached Rome where large buildings were built to entertain the people with horse races, exotic animals, jugglers and acrobats brought from all parts of the Empire. Famous ones being the Circus Maximus, the Circus Flaminius, the Circus Neronis and the Circus Maxentius, whose ruins have enabled archaeologists to reconstruct the Roman concept of circuses.

In Benidorm Circus The quality and originality of the show have taken to the place of privilege that is. Benidorm Circus is worth seeing for its beauty, quality, finesse, elegance and unique appeal. As in its presentations, which are constantly renewed, exceeds all expectations.

A good example of what should be done to not disappear: originality, creativity, total commitment, use of emerging technologies...

Emphasisng the use of human artists, Benidorm Circus does not use animals. Instead it combines elements used by artists and street musician, opera, ballet and rock. The acts includes contortionists, jugglers, trapeze artists and clowns. The incredibly original and colourful costumes. The music is original and is played live. Although traditionally the circus has been a children's show, the Benidorm Circus is intended for adults and children.

Benidorm Circus is next to the Benidorm Palace with CIRCUS STORY, a great celebration of fun, joy, acrobatics and more. We also have a circus school for anyone who wants to be instructed in the wonderful art of the circus ...

Information and bookings phone: 96 585 16 60 - 96 585 16 61
Address: 13, Severo Ochoa Street, Benidorm 03503 (near Benidorm Palace)
The circus takes place every Saturday at 6 pm starts