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El tiempo en Benidorm 14º Despejado

Living Sport, Living Benidorm

Benidorm offers you the experience of practicing land and water sports, all in the same city.

Benidorm Half 2020

One of the most awaited races in Benidorm is coming up

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IX Hot Dish Days "Soup & Stews"

From 22nd February to 1st March enjoy the best spoon dishes in the region.

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¡Vive San Valentín en Benidorm!

Se acerca el día más romántico del año, San Valentín, y Benidorm te ofrece muchos planes para hacer en pareja y los escenarios más idílicos para esa declaración que nunca te atreves hacer. ¡Ahora es tu oportunidad! Duerme en algunos de los maravillosos hoteles con vistas a la costa mediterránea, disfruta de un paseo con […]


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#MostCongress20 en Benidorm

The #MostCongress20 in Benidorm analyzes the latest trends in digital marketing and SEO, also highlighted the news, which we will see in 2020, are in the irruption of voice, chatbots and the development of machine learning

20 febrero 2020

Mundomar celebrates Carnival with many surprises

The Benidorm nature complex is preparing for to host a most colorful celebration in its facilities.

19 febrero 2020

Benidorm presents its new Municipal Emergency Plan in Dinapsis

It includes how to act in 10 types of emergencies to provide a rapid and effective response, guaranteeing the safety of people, goods and the environment

18 febrero 2020

Benidorm shows its most active offer to the Belgian tourist

The aim is to further promote active tourism in the Benelux and Flanders region.

18 febrero 2020

About 150 riders participate in the 6th stage of La Volta Ciclista a La Marina, with start and finish in Benidorm

Antonio Domene was the first to cross the finish line with a time of 1:34:30 in a very tight sprint

17 febrero 2020

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