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Cultural and Urban Tourism

Important information

In urban destinations maximum effort is also being made to ensure that you can go on enjoying all the delights of the city. And we have some sound advice that will help to make your experience even safer.

Travel Safe - Spain's official tourism website

Benidorm is history and culture and in this section we want to present it in the most attractive way possible for your enjoyment. Many of the landmarks that can be seen walking through Benidorm have a historical and cultural component which we want to present for you in the 'Benidorm´s Cultural sights' section.

If we also talk about Urban Tourism, we can not forget the Benidorm´s characteristic Skyline that is arguably the most recognised in Spain. We will tell you more about it in 'The Benidorm Skyline' section.

Similarly, we put at your disposal the various exhibitions - paintings, sculptures and photographs - that the Department of Culture has organised in recent times. It is a way to perpetuate in time exhibitions that given their temporary component otherwise might not be contemplated permanently. We also take the opportunity to introduce you to new artistic talents of Benidorm and the Marina Baixa through our section of 'New Creative Artists'.

As for the history of Benidorm, we wanted to reminisce through 'History of Tourism in Benidorm´ those historical events that positioned our town as the benchmark epicenter of sun and beach tourism in the Mediterranean since the second half of the twentieth century. All accompanied by videos, posters and brochures that make the historic journey into a multimedia experience.

Finally, do not fail to see our Cultural Agenda and the Benidorm Cultural which the Department of Culture fills up with cultural events throughout the year.