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Stuffed Squid



1.- Squid

2.- Egg

3.- Bread crumbs and whole slices

4.- Parsley

5.- Garlic

6.- Cinnamon

7.- Nutmeg

8.- Ripe tomatoes

9.- Saffron

10.- Peeled almonds

11.- Oil, water and salt


Clean and gut the squid. In a bows cut the tentacles and fins into small pieces, add breadcrumbs, egg, cinnamon, nutmeg, chopped garlic, parsley, stir with a wooden spoon . Stuff the squid with the filling, sealing with crossed tooth picks.

In a heat proof dish, fry pieces of bread, almonds and peeled tomatoes.

Mince together in a mortar, adding garlic, parsley and saffron, Add the squid to the dish over a low heat. Add a glass of white wine, To serve this dish fry slices of bread and can also be accompanied  with white rice.