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Coves Route in Sierra Helada


We start the tour at the end of the Levante beach (1), on the sloped road leading to the hotel Benikaktus on the street Alcalde Manuel Catalan Chana.

Via the paved road, we will proceed straight up, passing to the left  the route to the cross (route 2, yellow) and proceed until we  find a detour (2) which descends to the  viewing point of the Punta Llisera and Tio Ximo Cove.

"Cala Tio Ximo": We find ourselves at a quiet Mediterranean cove relatively remote from the bustling beaches of the town centre.

Along the cove we see observe the old  ocher mines (4), where, not long ago, Tio Ximo worked with his donkeys.

Watchtower: back on the road and to the right hand side access a road with restricted to motor vehicles (3), where we will go to the Punta del Cavall, where there is  a seventeenth century watchtower  (5).

From here there are some of the best views of the cliffs of the Serra Gelada and very close to them,Illa Mitjana.

Both here and the Punta Bombarda in Albir, are excellent vantage points, hence why   in medieval times, the watchtowers were built to alert the public of the presence of pirates.

Route 3. "Punta del Cavallo" or "Punta de la Escaleta"

Length of route: 8,7 km (round trip), plus the  700 m of Ti Ximo Cove.
Duration: From 2h to 2h 30 min Maximum Elevation: 75 m
Accessibility: Road paved.
Hiking. Cycling. Wheelchairs.
Difficulty: Easy