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Terra Natura Benidorm

Terra Natura is a new generation animal  park where you can discover the "Zooimmersion" a new concept in habitat design which allows you to make contact with animals with invisible barriers to the human eye. The 320,000 square meters owned by the Benidorm park are divided into four zones or areas: Pangea, the entrance to the park area, America and Asia.

At Terra Natura Benidorm you can see over 1,500 animals of 200 different species, 50 of which are in serious danger of extinction, and more than 2,500 specimens of more than 160 species of trees, shrubs and ground cover in these regions.

In addition to the complete and extensive menagerie, their provision of education (through signage and information points biological teaching), its architectural setting and the range of entertainment, animations and adventure activities make Terra Natura the preferred choice for families wanting a nice day and fun in a natural environment.

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