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Iberia Park, Benidorm

The Islands & Iberia Park in Terra Mítica Benidorm, are able to provide the best family entertainment with the funniest rides, the most amazing shows, exquisite catering and the most unexpected environment. The park access is free and once inside you can choose your "package of experiences". Tailor-made fun!


All aboard! The most famous pirate of these waters strikes again! "The return of Barbarossa" is the new adventure show where the most feared pirates of all the seas invade Mediterranean lands. And if it's not enough, you can enter in a world of illusion with Magic Experience, our magic show that will amaze you.



Iberia Park has more than a dozen family attractions designed to enjoy with your family. Transport yourself to a world of legend in The Rescue of Ulysses and get carried away by the stream of water in the Rapids of Argos. “The Boars”, “Battering rams”, etc., endless attractions for the "kings of the house" and many more surprises will complete the perfect day offering unlimited fun.


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