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Benidorm Town Hall

The ‘ floorscraper ’

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In urban destinations maximum effort is also being made to ensure that you can go on enjoying all the delights of the city. And we have some sound advice that will help to make your experience even safer.

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At the entrance to the Parque de L´Aigüera a very different monument greets visitors: The new Town Hall, colloquially known as the ‘floorscraper’. The unique structure has aroused the interest of many architects and a lot of people come to visit it. The building is like a bridge which acts as a doorway to the green zoneL´Aigüera’ park.

It juts out horizontally and you can walk underneath it. This 'horizontal skyscraper' is supported by four pillars. The glass façade is covered with thick slats with the names and surnames of the over 60,000 inhabitants of Benidorm from the year when its construction was finished.