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Capitan Kayak Adventures

A healthy and unforgettable experience!


Island challenge

Two miles away from the Club Nautico de Benidorm is the Benidorm Island. It takes about 45 minutes to get paddling with calm. Upon arrival we disembark (a good footwear is required cause we can get wet) and a few minutes walk up to the top. From there the views are truly awesome! We can also take a refreshing bath and practice snorkel in crystal waters.



Sierra helada challenge


Departing from The Club Nautico de Benidorm, parallel to the coast, we will cross the iconic Levante beach while enjoying the spectacular “skyline”. We'll pass in front of the creeks of Tio Ximo and Almadrava and the path of Punta del Caballo, already inside of the Natural Park of Sierra Helada. We disembark in a small hidden place away from the crowded beaches. You’ll be surprised by the contrast in summer! There you can snorkel, enjoying the lonlyness of the place and its pure and clean waters. This tour is ideal to start, because we’ll never be separated from the coast.



Mitjana Island challenge

Departing from the Club Nautico de Benidorm, we will be traveling across the Levante beach, the beaches of Tio Ximo and Almadrava and until turn the Punta del Cavall.

And there begins the show!

Getting into the Natural Park of Sierra Helada to the island Mitjana is a small adventure marked by a unique landscape that will not leave you indifferent.

Steep cliffs of 400 m will make us feel small. Different species of seabirds will join us and we will reach the island Mitjana or the Octopus Island (due to the abundance of these cephalopods). This tour requires about 4 hours and a good physical form, and only take place to ensure optimal conditions of the state of the sea.