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The Mesón Restaurant

El Mesón de Benidorm restaurant opened its doors 36 years ago thanks to the initiative of its manager and owner, Joaquín Gómez Pitarch, who started his career with the same enthusiasm, enthusiasm and professionalism that continue to characterize the business.

The restaurant has been offering the best gastronomic products for three decades with which to eat and dine with the highest quality in Benidorm. Since its launch, El Mesón has undergone several changes to adjust to the social reality of Benidorm and connect with its customers. In 2008, the Cervecería Cruz Blanca

El Mesón was founded, located in the most luminous corner of the establishment, where you can continue enjoying the quality product in a more informal atmosphere. With this change, the restaurant was conditioned following its traditional line, but including innovative touches. Noteworthy is the incorporation of an extensive heated cellar, a panoramic seafood nursery and a panoramic charcoal grill. Number of guests 107.


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