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Saint Patrick's Day

It will be held on March 17,

Despite being a purely Irish holiday, we have been celebrating Saint Patrick's Day for almost thirty years, and we celebrate it even more in Benidorm.

For this reason, in Benidorm we will re-green many of our streets, with their legendary pubs, bars, restaurants, without forgetting their popular beers. Everything is decorated in the purest Irish style, displaying its symbolic shamrocks and the flags of Ireland. This is how a unique celebration comes to life in which there is no lack of programming of a series of concerts in the most emblematic pubs in the area.

In fact, live music is one of the most characteristic signs of the San Patricio party in Benidorm. Soon you can consult more information here!


Saint Patrick's Day

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17/03/2019, 17/03/2023 al 19/03/2023