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Skyline Benidorm Film Festival

From april 13 to april 20

SkylineFest, Benidorm's film festival, returns this year with more films, more events and more excitement than ever before.

This annual event has become an essential meeting point for film lovers, offering a diverse and captivating programme highlighting the best of national and international cinema.

The Benidorm Film Festival was founded in 2017 as a showcase for short films. Since then it has reaped great success in attendance from spectators, directors, producers and guests. This festival celebrates its 8th edition breaking, one more year, records of participation.

Skyline Benidorm Film Festival has gone from being a provincial festival to having an official national section, with three different awards for Fiction, Documentary and Animation, as well as a European section and an Ibero-American section. Each of these sections has its corresponding prizes and always with cinema quality screenings.

All the information about the Skyline Film Festival is available here.