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Rice with Spinach and fresh Anchovies




1.- 1/4 red mullet.

2.- 250 gr. marrow.

3.- Minced nora pepper.

4.- 100 gr. Broad green beans.

5.- parsley.

6.- two cloves garlic.

7.- Black pepper.

8.- Olive oil.

9.- safffron.

10.- Fried tomato sauce.

11.- Salt.



Dice the marrow and beans into small pieces, in a large frying pan, fry nora  pepper in hot oil, remove and then fry the beans and marrow, remove and then fry the red mullet, remove and the fry the tomato and add the rice, followed again by the nora pepper, saffron, garlic and finely chopped parsley, mix together and add hot water, when starts to boil, add the vegetables and 10 minutes later the mullet. Add sliced garlic on top.