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Mountain Bike Routes around Benidorm

Bike & Roll the Marina Baixa

Mountain Bike BenidormDue to the topography of the Marina Baixa (local area around Benidorm) and the many mountains surrounding the areamountain bikers have here an unrivalled place to carry out this sport.

Sierra Helada, Sierra Cortina, Puig Campana, Sierra Bernia, Sierra Aitana mountains are some of the most frequented of our region by cyclists in the area and those who visit us.

We offer to you diverse MTB routes shared by mountainbikers through Wikiloc:

Benidorm-Sierra Helada-Faro Albir-Benidorm MTB Route

Distance: 30,3 kilometres
Altitude min: 24 metres, max: 425 metres
Accum. Elevation Up: 793 metres, Down: 776 metres
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 4 hrs 30 mins. Aprox.

Benidorm-Casa Dios-Benidorm MTB Route

Distance: 36,71 kilometres
Altitude min: 37 metres, max: 986 metres
Accum. Elevation Up: 1.182 metres, Down: 1.225 metres
Difficulty: Moderate
Time: 5 hrs and 45 minutes

Benidorm-Puig Campana-Benidorm MTB Route

Distance: 34,59 kilometres
Altitude min: 0 metres, max: 892 metres
Accum. Elevation Up: 1.096 metres, Down: 1.104 metres
Difficulty: Very difficult
Time: 4 hrs 15 mins.

You can download a .zip with alternative routes to view in GPS devices or through Google Earth here.