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Terra Mítica Benidorm

Experience strong emotions

Terra Mítica offers a wide variety of attractions for the whole family, along with thrilling adventures that will leave you speechless. From incredible rides to unforgettable shows.

Dare to discover the mystery of Egypt, the grandeur of Rome, the wisdom of Greece, the charm of The Islands, and the fun of Iberia. Enjoy an unforgettable journey where history and adventure come together in an incredible setting. Get ready to discover and enjoy everything Terra Mítica has in store for you!

Discover the classic cultures of the Mediterranean without leaving Benidorm

Experience the elegance of El Caballo Español, where you will feel the passion of flamenco. Dive into a mythological journey with "La Magia de los Dioses", following Hermes on his mission to return power to Zeus. Don't miss "Espartaco: Honor y Coraje", the story of the legendary Spartacus, from slave tohero. End your day with "Los Sueños de Egipto" a combination of acrobatics, theater, and dance that will transport you to ancient times.

In addition to the shows, Terra Mítica will continue to offer intense thrills with its nearly 30 stunning attractions, including Titánide, the inverted roller coaster that reaches over 100 km/h; Synkope; Tornado, a 100-meter-high tower with flying chairs; and Flight of the Phoenix, a breathtaking 54-meter free fall in just 3 seconds.

Take a break at the Terra Mitica restaurants.

You'll find a wide variety of dining options, from quick and delicious self-service at Pica Picae to authentic Italian cuisine at Vía Apia. If you're looking for a more relaxed experience, enjoy a meal at Las Brasas de Iberia. Additionally, our park is filled with bars and cafes where you can satisfy your hunger and keep enjoying your day. Don't miss it!

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