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Terra Mítica Benidorm

Just for fun professionals

Benidorm Terra Mitica Park

Discover the hidden areas of the Mediterranean, Greece, Rome,, thousands of years of history converted into many moments of fun, excitement and adrenaline.

Have you seen the faces of your children when you go on an  attraction and they  share those feelings with you? They are priceless, right? Listen to their laughter and forget everything else. The fun is not about age but about desire.

Do you know what  adrenaline is? No need to know. The important thing is to know that here are so many attractions that you will lose your breath, so take a breath.

Just for fun professionals.


Turn upside  down a hundred km per hour is one of the proposals for a park that themes emotions with -cultural ideas. Titanide releases adrenaline in 35 seconds of  plummeting, loops of  360 degrees  and  corkscrews. The Magnus Colossus wooden roller coaster, the longest in Europe. The main attractions also have mini replicas..


Now you are the protagonist. Enjoy shows like never before in a spectacular setting of several Mediterranean civilizations and  blessed with a unique climate.


Our souvenir shops are full of memories for you to leave  full of bags, gifts, t-shirts, dolls, ... well everything, let's go.
Choose a gift, or two, or three ...


With using so much energy up and down you will gain an appetite, I assure you. So it’s time to eat!. Only you know if you prefer a burger or steak, wine or fizzy drink. No matter what you ask, in our restaurants you will find what your stomach has asked for.
The table is set!.

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