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Mundomar Benidorm

Know the animal life

Mundomar is the most popular flora and fauna park in Spain and third in Europe according to a Tripadvisor survey.

This positioning of quality and prestige is due to the 15 years Mundomar has devoted to the care of more than 80 animal species.

More than 60,000 square meters which make up this park is not just an entertainment center and within their facilities  they  defend the environment that favors the utmost respect for animals and nature around them.

The visit to Mundomar is all an adventure in which visitors can share the friendlyness  of small primates that live in harmony in the park's facilities and "steal" a smile to young and old.
Mundomar has a clear purpose of fun but is also educational as it offers the opportunity to learn interesting curiosities of its flamingos, turtles, swans, otters, Saimiri. Dolphins are part of this big family and this year they  have a new member. The small Christophe,  as the dolphin is called, quickly became familiar with their surroundings, with his mother and the rest of the dolphins.

Mundomar offers some quality shows that deserve a time of relaxation and enjoyment. Parrots, sea lions and, of course dolphins. The animal park of Benidorm offers light and color in each of its shows.

Mundomar is a paradise full of short stories whose protagonists are animals with personality.

Spend a day at the wildlife park of Benidorm means enjoying the relaxation and emotions that hold nature and its secrets.


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