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Mundomar Benidorm

Know the animal life

Mundomar Benidorm is a nature park located in the beautiful city of Benidorm.Dedicated to the conservation and care of wildlife, it offers an educationaland entertaining experience for all ages. At Mundomar, visitors can discover avariety of exotic and marine animals, including dolphins, sea lions, tropical birds, and many other fascinating species.

Well-being and Conservation of Species

Mundomar's commitment to animal welfare is evident in its conservationprograms and the efforts of its dedicated team of professionals, who worktirelessly to ensure that the animals receive the best care. Additionally, the park conducts studies and research to contribute to the knowledge and preservation of species.

Mundomar Experience

At Mundomar, you can enjoy unique experiences, such as swimming with sealions and encounters with dolphins, allowing visitors to discover all the curiosities of these species. You can also enjoy the VIP Tour, a guided visit throughout the park to meet the entire Mundomar family and their caregivers inperson.

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