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Benidorm is running

All races, competitiones and athletics events in Benidorm.

Benidorm, with it's nearly 6km of urban beaches. is a city made to run. In addition to its wonderful walks edge of the sea, it has a good number of pedestrian streets. It is the best scenario for lovers of outdoor running. A sustainable city that combines sport and exercise with the beauty of the environment.

When traveling to Benidorm you should not forget to include running shoes in your suitcase. Thanks to the good weather of the place, with very little rain throughout the year and very mild winter temperatures, the city has some unique characteristics for running. The great variety of terrains that can be found here, from practically flat areas along the coast, to its rugged terrain in the mountain areas, make Benidorm an exceptional place to practice this sport. Running you can contemplate the sea and the mountain at the same time, tour the main tourist spots of the city or discover hidden corners.

The many fans and visitors can enjoy the many popular races that takes place in the city throughout the year.


Benidorm Running 2021


Benidorm Running 2022


If you prefer to go on your own, or want to prepare, do not hesitate to consult the best running routes: