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Different stages of the history of Benidorm.

  1. The precedents. It is a very long stage of Benidorm, but hardly known. It includes prehistoric, Iberian, Roman and Muslim cultures.
  2. The medieval Benidorm, founded in 1325. Remain just under two centuries and was a small town that was losing population until it lost its municipal autonomy, on that way, was integrated in Polop around 1502.
  3. Benidorm was part of Polop (1502 - 1666). In this phase, the Benidorm population was depending on the parish and municipality of Polop, it was reduced to a small garrison of the castle and a group of fishermen.
  4. The agricultural and fishing Benidorm emerged in 1666. Thanks to a second foundation, the borough start a development on its economy and demography thanks to the agriculture, fishing and maritime activity.
  5. Benidorm oriented to the tourism. This Benidorm era has precedents dating from the nineteenth century, this was developed mainly from 1950 with the mayor Pedro Zaragoza Orts and its General Urban Development Plan of 1956. The consequence of this plan was the appearance of the current Benidorm.