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El Castell de Guadalest

The ancient fortress of Castell of Guadalest, a privileged location, perched on the cliffs that loom over the valley with a strong medieval flavor, which impresses with its unique structure and charm of its arrogant silhouette. It is distinguished from a distance, the soaring profile of the cliffs where the old castle was located, with the white steeple the crowning touch of the sharp rock.

Once the visitor arrives and after climbing through the narrow streets full of shops offering a vast showcase of local products and handicrafts, leads to the zigzag path that leads to a century-old door, carved into the rock, providing access to the historical and impregnable fortress from which place you can see the reservoir.

Going a little further, up the slope of the Cross, the arrival to the terrace where the castle was erected, today a  cemetery,  is rewarded by an exceptional panoramic view that extends over valleys, orchards and pine forests to the sea making up a landscape of breathtaking beauty. Castell de Guadalest brings memories of the Middle Ages in an existing  basement prison of the town hall in which the Chamber is shown as picture of considerable historical and artistic value.

Castell de Guadalest offers visitors the added charm of its various museums displaying delicate miniatures, artistic sculptures, common objects or models of singular perfection. To complement,  the heritage of the mountain gastronomy,  cared for in its various restaurants, make a visit to Castell of Guadalest an unforgettable experience that has inspired beautiful memories for the many travellers who have enjoyed its unique environment.