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You would have to travel to many villages to find one that gathers together such  unusual features  as does Finestrat. To start with, , its unique terrain that leads from zero meters at its beaches to the more than one thousand  metres of its impressive Puig Campana in less than 10 km.

The natural Mediterranean landscape, is still almost intact, marked by hills covered with pines and typical crops: almonds, olives and carob trees, enriched  by small orchards with  flourishing orange blossoms, pomegranates and persimmons. But not only the climate, location or landscape make Finestrat a desirable place. It is also the personal character of the people, old Muslim farmstead, which has kept largely unchanged, even in its physical structure.

Living in Finestrat is to be part of a quiet community and nothing boisterous, where you have on hand if required other prime tourist destination. Just fifteen minutes you can be be immersed in the urban bustle of Benidorm, or the calmer and restless resorts of  Altea and Villajoyosa.

In Finestrat, you can take part multiple sports. From the sea, to the high mountains. There is a sports centre, swimming pool, racquetball and multipurpose court.

In Finestrat, you can sample international cuisine from the Mediterranean to the most typical dishes of the region as "l'Arrós amb fesols", "tarongetes", "coca" and a wide variety of sweets from which we can distinguish the "l'i talladetes arrop."

The festivities in honor of "Sant Bertomeu" and "Crist del Remei Santíssim" are held from 20th to 24th August. The "Sant Antoni" 17th January  "Sant Blai," 3rd February 3, and  the "l'Ereta" and Easter.


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